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Reliable data

Data is only as reliable as the information on which it is based. To ensure that our school leaders are provided with an accurate picture of their pupils, we have developed 3 software virtues:



       Little and


           Click - tick - 

             double quick!


On a tablet during guided

reading, a PC during PPA or

laptop at home, Mappix is made for user preference: secure access whenever, wherever, across multiple devices.


Our platform supports the drip drip approach to assessment. Regular input keeps the data current - a real time picture of pupil performance with observations and evidence from all relevant staff.


It's just so easy to use (see our customers feedback here).

Teachers record judgements with a quick tap on thesmart markbook, saving more time for the important stuff!

accessibility,  synergy and simplicity.

Solving problems

We believe in lightening the load, from rising costs (see our budget-friendly pricing) to staff workload. We are doing our bit to support schools with the significant challenges they face.

Up to date digital marking means that supply staff jump in where the teacher left off. No gaps, no dips, no lost time.

Staff absence

Post-holiday dip  

The new year can start with a bang, when teachers have real insight into their pupils' strengths and weaknesses. Planning for progress, before term has even begun!

Gap detection   

Supporting the needs of vulnerable groups is easy when you have real-time access to their daily and weekly progress. No delays, just maximum impact. 

School improvement

Here's how our system supports... well, the whole school!

         Teachers, Heads 

and Leaders    

          Parents and   



It's a tough enough job without the extra stress of uncertainty, so Mappix delivers relevant, bite-sized data, in a reader-friendly format. Keep an eye on curriculum coverage, KPIs, interim assessments and evidence all in one place!

Quick graphs provide answers. But if you're not sure which questions to ask, Mappix spots the gaps for you! 

Parents' evenings and end-of-year reports have greater impact because targets are specific and challenging.

Their progress is our priority; so we've made it easy to track learning and plan next steps. Support staff can jump into their marksheets to target intervention and SEND pupils can be marked against both age-related and skills-related expectations.

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We have received funding from the BIG2 Project funded from the ERDF as part of the European Structural and Investment Funds Growth Programme 2014-2020 which partly funded new software and tech.

European Union

European Regional

Development Fund



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